Fear is a liar. April 18, 2018


Fear is a liar.

– Hey good morning everybody. Welcome to The 180. My name is Jeff. Thanks for being here today with me. If you got $1.25 to spend I wanna encourage you can you spend it on this song? It’s by Zach Williams and it’s called “Fear is a Liar.” In this song the lyrics go like this. He is a liar. He meaning Satan, the enemy. The darkness that’s in our world and in that song he says things like you’re not strong enough. You’re not beautiful. You’re not loved. You’re not qualified. You can’t do it. Those lies. I think those are the lies that you hear and that I hear quite regularly. Well the truth is the Bible tells us in second Timothy for God did not give us a spirit of being timid. No. He gave us a spirit of power and love, strength. That spirit sometimes we lose. Have you ever taken a moment, found a quiet spot, grabbed a piece of paper, and just wrote out some of the lies you hear? Have you ever put ’em on a piece of paper and actually said these are lies? These are not from God. Have you ever taken those lies and said God can you take these lies and get rid of them because I don’t believe them. And number two. Can you ask God to take the courage, the courage that’s inside of you, it’s already there and can you ask God to multiply it? Because when courage gets multiplied a life that glorifies Jesus is on display and that is a beautiful thing.