Full of Joy. April 4, 2018

Full of Joy!

– Hey welcome to the 180 everybody. It’s an awesome Wednesday and I’m super glad I get to start my day with you guys. The other day I was watching the Toronto Raptors. I love this team. This 2018 Toronto Raptor team. Now, I’m not sure, maybe you don’t follow basketball but I wanna tell you about something that happened. They’re a really young team and they’re in first place, and I love watching their excitement, their enthusiasm as they play. It’s unbelievable! There’s this seven foot center who’s a rookie. His name is Poeltl. They call him the Austrian Hammer because when he dunks, he takes the ball and he just crushes it. There’s this one dunk that he did that was so huge, the whole team jumped off the bench and they were fallin’ down and their energy and their enthusiasm was incredible. But what I loved the most was how much fun they were having because they were working so hard, they were lovin’ the game. And then, my son and I talked to each other I said, you know what else I notice, they really love each other, they play together, they enjoy being together. It’s obvious when you watch ’em, and that’s super cool. As I read the Bible here and I read about joy and that passion and that excitement they have, one of the things I’ve noticed lately that I didn’t hear a lot about was how Jesus was full of joy. In Luke 10, it says, “At that time Jesus full of joy “through the Holy Spirit said, I praise you Father, “Lord of heaven and earth.” Jesus full of joy. It’s interesting when we think of Jesus quite often we don’t think of him being so joyful. There’s a lot of other thoughts that come to mind, like our Savior and how he paid the price for you and me, but he’s joyful and isn’t the goal to model Jesus? I know we live in a tough world, but I wanna to encourage you. Joy it’s a great attribute and if you’re lacking in it right now and maybe you don’t feel that inside of you, just ask Jesus. Ask him to give you more of that incredible gift joy because Jesus had it, I believe he wants you to have it. Have a great Wednesday. We’ll see you next time on the 180.