Take your quarters to God. May 23, 2018


Take your quarters to God


Hey, good morning everybody, welcome to the 180. My name is Jeff, it’s gonna be a great day and I’m super pumped to have you with us today. When I was seven years old, I remember playing at a playground just like that one. And then after I’d finished playing, I went to the local store and I was just looking around. And then something caught my eye. There was a quarter on the counter. I snuck up to the counter, I put my hand on it, and I took it. I thought I did it, I thought I got it. But then the cashier walked around, he walked right up to me, scolded me, and he kicked me out. I got busted for taking a quarter. What was really interesting about that was how awful I felt. I had so much regret and guilt as a seven year old. I don’t know how long it was, maybe it was a month or two months, it felt like a year, but I remember confessing my sins. I remember saying to God, “God, I tried to steal a quarter. “I’m really sorry, will you forgive me?” You know what God’s promise is in those situations? In First John it says, if we confess our sins, he is just and faithful and he will forgive you. That’s a promise. I’m wondering, are you carrying any quarters around where you need to take it to God and just say, “God, this is what I did, I’m sorry. “Will you forgive me?” I want to encourage you today, if you have any quarters, take it to God, it feels amazing when it’s lifted off your shoulders and that’s how we’re supposed to live life. Have a great day, guys, we’ll see you next week on the 180.